Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Allotment Crops

Early in there was an effort to become as self reliant as possible. This notice published in the Eastbourne Gazette on 19th August 1914 shows how the Duke of Devonshire was doing his part by foregoing the next years allotment rents.

The Duke’s Allotment – Additional Crops

In a notice issued on Saturday from the Compton Estate Office, Eastbourne, Mr. Roland Burke says –

“With a view to enabling the allotment tenants of the Duke of Devonshire to take the fullest advantage of their ground by getting additional crops so as to make provision for possible necessities of the coming winter and spring consequent of the war, His Grace will be pleased to forego one year’s allotment rent in the confident hope that every tenant on his estate, will do his best to produce as much as possible from his garden.

“The coming year’s allotment rents will, therefore, not be collected.”

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