Friday, October 24, 2008

Boy Scouts Collect Cigarettes and Tobacco.

I cannot imagine this happening today but back in 1914, the Boy Scouts took great pride in collecting cigarettes and tobacco for the troops.

This ‘politically incorrect’ article comes from the Eastbourne Gazette dated 28th October 1914.


The 4th Eastbourne Scout Troop of Boy Scouts under Scoutmaster Read, have continued their collection of cigarettes and tobacco for our men at the Front with great success. In response to their appeal in the main streets of the town, upwards of 9,000 cigarettes and nearly 200 ounces of tobacco have been contributed by the public. This parcel (which will, no doubt be very welcome to our brave soldiers fighting in Northern France) is being sent direct to the Royal Sussex Regiment which has already done such magnificent service.

The Eastbourne Scouts are very anxious to keep up the supply of the ever welcomed weed to the county regiment. Contributions of tobacco and cigarettes will be most thankfully received and forwarded through the Assistant County Commissioner from the headquarters, Town Hall, Eastbourne.


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