Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A Register of Aliens

This story on the home front is about keeping a Register of Aliens. The lady in question, although guilty was given a very lenient fine.

The Mayor must have had some sympathy with her, but the frustration is obviously with the Chief Constable who sent out forms for them to be thrown away!

It appeared in the Eastbourne Gazette on 25th July 1917:

Boarding House Keeper Fined

Sarah Hill, boarding house keeper, of Marine Parade, was summoned for failing to keep a register of aliens staying at her house on July 12.

Inspector Cunnington gave evidence to the effect that two Belgians subjects were staying at defendant’s house was unable to produce an alien’s register recording the fact.

Defendant said she understood that it was not necessary to register foreign visitors when the customary forms had been filled in and submitted to the police by the aliens themselves.

The Chief Constable mentioned that he received three or four hundred forms a week which were not properly filled in. He also remarked that forms of instruction sent by the police to the boarding house keepers were sometimes relegated to the dustbins.

The Mayor emphasised the necessity for boarding house keepers and others to comply with the regulations and pointed out that defendant had rendered herself liable to a penalty of £100 by the breach. The Bench however, proposed to take a lenient view and imposed a fine of 15 shillings.”

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